Betting on MLS teams

If you are not familiar with the MLS, it is Major League Soccer which is the top level of soccer in North America. In total there are nineteen seams with three of the based in Canada and the rest in the US.

MLS is relatively new and began in 1993 though the first matches were not played until 1996. The regular season begins in March and runs until late December during which each team plays a total of 34 games. The top ten teams at the end of the season play in a series of play-offs which culminates in the final in which the two finalists compete for the MLS Cup.

In 2012 David Beckham’s side LA galaxy won the cup for the second year in succession, but now that he has left to take up residence in Paris, we are anticipating Frank Lampard joining the side. We are also waiting for the bookmakers to start posting some odds for the coming season, but they have not done so at the time of writing. Betting on MLS in America is not as popular as on other sports such as American Football, but with just weeks to go before the season start we punters are beginning to get more than a little impatient.

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