While all England fans know it’s a case off when not if their side are dumped out of this summer’s World Cup in Brazil on penalties, just how might England go about winning a penalty shootout – which they DEFINITELY won’t.

As well as not handing David Batty the ball, just how should teams go about not having to suffer the unique heartache that comes with exiting the World Cup on penalties – one which England fans are as used to as heartburn.

Some managers and coaches prefer to prepare for potential shootouts with plenty of practice, there are a few who rather not practice penalties at all, seemingly throwing their team’s hopes into the hands of that often cruel mistress, Lady Luck. Does taking the first penalty help, does going second give you the advantage? Is a fresher player more likely to score than one who has played 120 minutes.

Of course, the one thing that definitely helps to win a penalty shootout in a World Cup: NOT being English.