Tim Sherwood replaced Andre Villas-Boas as the new head coach of Tottenham in December as he was appointed as the interim manager until the end of the current campaign but the 45 years old English coach wants to continue being in charge of Tottenham for the upcoming seasons as he does not want to give up his position anytime soon.

Sherwood has backed his record in the White Hart Lane club as he has the best record of victories in Tottenham than anyone else who has come before him.

“The record’s good, it is better than any Premier League manager in the history of this club. There has been no one at this club who has done a better job at the Premier League. My record stands for itself” he told the sports website angleterre italie cote.

“I’ve done alright, you know, It’s been hard. I’ve had to keep my discipline I suppose and my dignity, pride and just get on with the job. That’s all I’ve tried to do. It’s an honor to manage this football club and long may it continue.” Sherwood said.

The former England coach has insisted in saying that he wants to continue being the head coach of Tottenham which is why he is supporting and backing all of his recent accomplishment with a record that certainly is impressive but it remains uncertain as to if it will be enough for him to secure his spot for the upcoming season.

Louis van Gaal and Gleen Hoddle are potential coaches who have been linked with Tottenham for the past few months and Sherwood revealed details concerning the situation.

“Every press conference I do, it’s about this manager or who’s coming, whether it be Van Gaal or Hoddle or whoever. I’ve had to keep my discipline and dignity and pride and just get on with the job.” Sherwood added on.