Arsenal is not a club characterized on spending huge amounts of money on a player but they headlined the news when Mesut Ozil was penned up for a club-record fee of £42.5 million.

The money was however well spent as the German player is playing a key part in Arsenal superb form that sees them toppling the Premier League in 1st place. The coach of Manchester United revealed that he had the chance on signing Ozil before the German made his move to Arsenal.

Moyes said. “We didn’t need that position at the time. I didn’t even say it was an interest, it was put to us and it was just something at the time we didn’t need.

“As a very private person I’m enjoying the area, there’s always something to see, something to discover.”

Arsenal is leading the charge not only in the Premier League but also in Group F of the Champions League as they are starting to reveal themselves as a top team for this season and Ozil plays a crucial part in their recent burst of success.

Mesut Ozil had to be the scapegoat for Real Madrid as they signed Gareth Bale but this move gave Arsenal the chance to sign a world class midfielder which has lifted the hopes for the English club to win the trophy they have failed to obtain since 2003.

The former Real Madrid player talked about what it feels like to be in Arsenal.

“Everyone is equal at this club from the cleaning lady to the chairman.

“Everyone is important, but nobody thinks they’re better than anyone else. Everyone treats each other with politeness and respect. The city is fantastic’’.

“I think it’s one of the most ­beautiful cities in the world.