Arsenal Vs Wolverhampton: Mesut Ozil Went Into A Strange Territory

Arsenal has not had the continuous presence of Mesut Ozil after signing him, and he was signed some four years ago. And he is still going into a new territory. There are no Arsenal players who have a difference in the opinion just like Mesut Ozil. Even in the midst of a 15-game unbeaten race, the question was there about him, how profitable he is in the long run, despite his new claim that he would be a Gunner till his retirement.

Preventing Leicester City, he has not been the best at all under Unai Emery, and there is no shadow on the fact. And while we are used to the discrepancies, that’s what we’re not used to what comes against Wolverhampton. Ozil has to go to the place he has never been to for gameplay. I cannot say much about Mesut Ozil’s match opposite Liverpool. It was a kind of direct reaction of his frustration opposite Crystal Palace when he became subbed just after the timeline after it initially seemed as if Lacazette would come out.

But it was not. It was Ozil. Just over an hour ago his brilliant champion class against Leicester City and he was yanked as he had been strange all day. When you start the match against Liverpool, you can tell that Ozil was not as sharp as we all in need of him. He was not present, he could not get into the game and while continuing to create a team of four options, I think we all agreed that magical side of Ozil was not seen in his best matches.

Still, you can tell that this was another Ozil because he fought for every inch of the pitch and that was because he struggled to stay on the pitch.