Arsenal play maker could make a move that will see him play at Real Madrid again, reports say.

The German midfielder is reportedly contemplating a sensational move to Spain. The report comes after the German international is believed to have signed a new lucrative deal at the Emirates.

German new source, Bild, claims that Ozil was set to receive a pay rise from £140,000 per week to £200,000 a week. The same outlet reported that after 24 hours, Ozil seems to be looking at returning to his former club. Before Ozil signed the deal, he wanted two things. First, he wanted the No. 10 role that is free following the loan deal of Jack Wilshere to Bournemouth. Also, he wants the club to guarantee that they remain committed to bringing in top players that will make a world-class squad. If the club doesn’t meet these demands, then Ozil will return to play in the La Liga.

Ozil’s current deal is set to lapse in 2018, but reports say the player’s new deal would tie him to the Emirates till 2021. Truly, Ozil could sign the deal, protecting his future, yet seek a return to Madrid in the coming summer.
Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger had already admitted that talks with Ozil were in the pipeline, but nothing has been formalized. Bild had earlier reported that Ozil relishes the opportunity to return to Madrid, so only time will tell if the report is true.

Manuel Neuer AS A MIDFIELDER Amazing

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Manuel Neuer AS A MIDFIELDER Amazing